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Ship model HM Brig Badger, historic wooden static kit Jotika

Ship model wooden kit Badger Jotika (
  • Scale 1:64

  • Length: 600 mm

  • Height: 530 mm

  • Difficulty: 2

  • Part No.: JO9017

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  • Historic map discount

Badger ship model

Horatio Nelsons First Official.

Scale 1:64, Length: 600 mm, Height: 530 mm
Display scale kit difficulty: 2

Ship history

Badger (Ex-Pitt) is believed to have been a prize captured during the War of American Independence (1775 - 1783). She is shown on Navy Lists from 1776 and remained in service until sold in 1783.
Brigs were generally used for convoy duties, carrying dispatches, inshore reconnaissance and upholding trade agreements and Badger was no exception. Brigs differed from standard ship rigged men-of-war in so much as they were square-rigged on two masts and the bowsprit only. Although relatively swift and maneuverable brigs were very cramped and uncomfortable as they tended to be considerably wet in heavy seas.
In 1778, while serving on board the 50-Gun Ship Bristol, Nelson was promoted by Admiral Parker to the position of Commander and, on 8th December 1778, he was appointed to Badger. Nelson actually entered into Badger on 31st December 1778, superseding Captain Everitt.
Nelsons time on Badger was generally uneventful, carrying out blockade and escort duties. However, two incidents worthy of mention are:
The capture of an 80 ton vessel:
On Thursday 29 April 1778 Badger ‘… made Sail and gave Chace, at 4 fired a four pounder shotted and brought to the Chace…’. The prize proved to be the 80 ton vessel La Prudente, ‘… a sloop from Cape François bound to the Mississippi…’ carrying nine Frenchmen.
The rescue of the men from on board HMS Glasgow:
On Wednesday 2 June 1779, while anchored at Montego Bay, ‘… at 6PM saw the Alarm of Fire onboard the Glasgow: sent our Boats and two boats belonging to Merchantmen: with Buckets and Men to their assistance 1/2 past 7 PM was got through the Quarter deck, and up the Main rigging: The Boats employed receiving the Men from The Glasgow. At 12 o’clock there was an explosion onboard HMS Glasgow and she immediately sunk but, as a result of Nelsons swift action, the entire crew of HMS Glasgow were rescued, although several would die later from their burns.
On 11 July 1779, Nelson was promoted to post-captain and on Sunday 20 June he transferred out of Badger to the 28-Gun Frigate Hinchinbroke.

Scale kit description

The kit features the following: This intermediate kit would be suitable for anyone who has previous model building experience.
The kit depicts Badger after re-fitting for Royal Navy service during Nelsons time in charge, December 8 1778 - June 19 1779.
Kit includes double plank on bulkhead construction in lime and walnut, all decking in high quality Tanganyika strip, 12 x 4pdr turned brass cannon, fully rigged and complete with walnut carriage assemblies; 2 x 0.5pdr turned brass swivel guns, highly detailed brass etched components; ship's stove, authentic turned brass ship's wheel assembly, authentic ship's boats in high quality resin with walnut components and brass fittings including oars, grapnels and boat hooks, precision CNC cut and profiled walnut and ply components; all required blocks, black & natural hemp to rig the model as shown, high quality birch dowel for the masting, fully detailed actual scale plan sheets and two comprehensive step by step color instruction manuals including technical drawings and constructional photos of the prototype.

CAUTION!!  Although these are high quality ship model kits, they may not be suitable for some one not familiar with building of wooden model ship kits. See more.

Ship model kit Badger Jotika, (

Ship model Badger is favorite wooden scale kit from Jotika manufacturer. It is popular for its good quality and the customers often buy it as a valuable and nice gift. Scale model kit Badger from Jotika contains necessary building material and parts. That is why the modeler can focused only on building of this nice wooden tall ship model. selects and offer only the best ship model kits. Ship model an Badger is one of them.

Content of the kit
Finished model

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Ship model wooden kit Badger Jotika (
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