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How to fix the end of the rope on the ship model deck

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After having fastened the rope around the pillar, a knight or a belaying pin, it is necessary to leave a length of rope, to coil on the deck like the real ships. For a good realistic circle of rope it is necessary to stiffen to maintain the position on the deck. We recommend white glue, fully clear after drying. Place on the wood a quantity of glue in proportion to the scale of the model and to the size of the rope, as indicated on the photo. Then with the help of a tweezers, round the rope, pressing the circles inside the glue. When all the rope is rolled up, clean the glue with a wet cloth, to remove the excess of glue. Leave it drying for half an hour and then the effect will be very realistic.

After having made fast the rigging, it is advisable to leave an additional 10 cm rope.

Put an amount of white glue, in proportion to the model scale and to the diameter of the rope.

Form a coil of rope with the help of a pair of tweezers.

Remove the excess glue with a wet cloth

The rolls of rope in place
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