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San Ildefonso ship model kit from Occre

New ship model San Ildefonso from Occre
The “San Ildefonso” represents the maximum level of perfection achieved by Spanish naval architecture.

San Ildefonso ship model kit from Occre
San Ildefonso ship model kit from Occre

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Famous Kon-Tiki raft journey
Kon-Tiki was the raft used by Norwegian explorer and writer Thor Heyerdahl in his 1947 expedition across the Pacific Ocean from South America to the Polynesian islands. It was named after the Inca sun god, Viracocha, for whom "Kon-Tiki" was said to be an old name. The Kon-Tiki expedition was funded by private loans, along with donations of equipment

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Famous Half Moon - fine wood work
Exploration ship Half Moon was commissioned on March 25, 1609, for the Dutch East India Company. Her captain, Henry Hudson, was already a famous explorer when in 1608 he was hired for journey which had important role in establishing of American nation. Half Moon kit from Corel is a nice memory of this significant event.

Half Moon and Henry Hudson
Exploration ship Half Moon (Halve Maen in Dutch) was commissioned on March 25, 1609, for the Dutch East India Company. Her length on deck was 85 feet, length on keel was 64.5 feet and height was 78 feet. Crew size was about 20 and displacement was 112 tons. Half Moon used square and lateen sails. Her captain, Henry Hudson, was already a famous
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Occre introduce another new kit - Bounty
The Bounty features a cutaway in the hull which allows the internals to be seen. Built in 1783 as a cargo ship, in 1787 she was purchased by the Royal Navy for the transporting of breadfruit from Tahiti to the Caribbean. The breadfruit was supposed to serve as cheap food for the slaves that worked in the sugar cane plantations.

In the footsteps of Admiral Christopher Columbus journey

Read about the events of the first journey to the New World by Santa Maria, Pinta and Nina as it describes directly Admiral Christopher Columbus. Santa Maria was a flag ship of Christopher Columbus, the Pinta was commanded by Martin Alonso Pinzon and Nina was commanded by Vicente Yanez Pinzon.

San Juan
Following the War of Independence, after Spain had lost her American colonies, merchant marine ships all but disappeared from the peninsula, leaving only small coastal sailing boats behind to re-establish the routes to the Antilles. Through the Royal Decree issued by Charles III, trade was re-opened with those colonies that remained faithful and it was the felucca, San Juan (El Glorioso) that made the first voyage.

H.M.S. Victory 1:98
Ship model H.M.S. Victory 1:98 is favorite wooden scale kit from Mantua manufacturer. It is popular for its good quality and the customers often buy it as a valuable and nice gift. Scale model kit H.M.S.Victory MM776 from Mantua contains necessary building material and parts.

Amerigo Vespucci tall ship history
Tall ship Amerigo Vespucci took its name from the famous Italian sailor and cartographer who also lent his name to the new world. Its home port is La Spezia, Italy, and it is in use as a school ship.

The Royal Caroline
Royal Yacht the Royal Caroline was built at Bedford shipyard in 1749 as yacht for the English Royal Family. She served for many years, during which she sailed all around the world.
Royal Caroline Model Ship was a Royal Yacht built for the use of George II and his wife, Queen Caroline. She was sailed for pleasure cruises by the Royal Family and as a transport for members of the court sailing between England and Holland.

La Candelaria

The Candelaria is a Mediterranean bomb vessel, the size of a brig but broader and with two masts: the main mast is positioned almost in the center with a round rig and the small mizzen mast has a gaffsail. Between the main mast and the forecastle are the mortars. The Candelaria was designed and built to work as a floating battery when blockading ports or during sieges of sea forts.

Dos Amigos OC13003
126,00 € Add
Astrolabe MM773
235,00 € Add
Half Moon CO18
178,00 € Add
Herm. La Fayette AL 22517
185,00 € Add
King Mississippi AL20505
159,00 € Add
La Couronne MM778
321,00 € Add
Peregrine Galley MM786
211,00 € Add
Pickle JO9018
205,00 € Add
Surprise AL22910
659,00 € Add
Victory MM738
463,00 € Add
New to ship modeling?

Don´t know where to start?

If you’ve never built a wooden ship model before, we recommend one of the kits in the VictoryShipMadels such as our San Juan Nepomuceno Cutter from Artesania Latina. Artesania Latina uses only the finest materials - premium woods, cotton rigging and accessories. Sewn cotton sails are also included. Laser cut wooden parts guarantee a perfect fit, making assembly fast and easy. Excellent illustrated English instructions explain every step of constructions. Using of double planking technology is advantage for starter modelers, too. In this way the small errors of first planking layer can be easy eliminated.

San Juan Nepomuceno Cutter (
Step-by-Step instructions
Double planking

Are you thinking that building a historic wooden ship model is too difficult? Let us assure you that many of our customers who once thought the same thing are now seasoned modelers.

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